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Mobile ticket – forget about coins!

The Oulun joukkoliikenne app can be found from http://www.payiq.net/oulu/ and from your phone's app store. With the app you can purchase Oulu public transport single tickets and 24-hour tickets. 

The app can be downloaded onto Windows, Apple and Android smart phones.  


Using the ticket

The user guide for the app can be found here.

The validity of the mobile ticket starts from the moment of purchase. On single tickets you will have a 60-minute changing time when using Citybuses or traveling within less than 2 zones, and 80-minute changing time when traveling through more than 2 zones. A 24-hour ticket is valid 24 hours from the moment of purchase.

You must show your mobile ticket to the bus driver when entering the bus. The ticket contains a QR-code and shows the validity of the ticket. A traveler with a mobile ticket must make sure that his phone is powered on for the entire journey.



Single ticket (between 11pm-4:30am an additional nighttime fare will be charged)

Zones Adult Child 7-16 years old
A-city 1,50 € 1,50 €
A, B, C, D 3,30 € 1,70 €
AB, BC, CD 5,80 € 2,90 €
ABC, BCD 8,30 € 4,20 €
ABCD 10,10 € 5,10 €






24-hour ticket

Zones Adult
A, B, C, D 8,00 €
AB, BC, CD 12,50 €
ABC, BCD 18,00 €
ABCD 22,00 €



Travellers without a contract with a Finnish phone operator nor a Finnish social security number can pay their mobile ticket by Visa or Mastercard. You can also pay by Masterpass or MobilePay.

Travellers that have a contract with a Finnish phone operator can pay afterwards using their operator's phone billing (Telia, DNA ja Elisa). Travellers that have a Finnish social security number can also pay by Svea billing. 


The app was developed by IQ Payments Oy.

Download the app